Animation and Udemy for Classes

Animation and Udemy for Classes

Classes on Udemy

Udemy for online creative classes and more. You sign up wait for a deal for the class that is steeply discounted. The classes are user friendly and we have tested them out. We have taken comic book creation A perspective class And Blender 3d Animation class. All are very informative and easy to work. my only hitch is I am a Mac user and sometimes a class is specific for a certain devise Mac vs PC.

We highly recommend using this platform for your creative needs and beyond.

Here is a sample from my comic book character design class and animation class: 

Online Learning Steps-up: What the World is Learning (from Home)
April 30, 2020, By Romina Ederle Udemy News
Whether it is working remotely, looking for another job, schools being closed, or missing our friends and loved ones; shelter in place and social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adjust to a new way of life. At Udemy, we are witnessing the resolve of people across the globe as they turn to our platform to overcome this period of uncertainty by finding resources to help them continue to work, teach, and learn.

Due to our huge range of affordable content for both work-related topics, like coding and communication skills, and “passion projects” like music and cooking, Udemy is uniquely positioned as an educational resource for people using this time to upskill, keep busy, or increase productivity. Noticing changes in learning behavior, we analyzed data on how people are using Udemy and published a special report today — “Online Education Steps-up: What the World is Learning (From Home)” – that provides a comprehensive look at how the world is learning and teaching since shelter-in-place orders came into effect in late-February.

Learning Trends across the Globe

Overall, course enrollments across the entire Udemy platform have increased by more than 425% and people are taking this moment to invest in themselves by learning all types of skills. As individuals around the globe proactively look to upskill or reskill in response to economic uncertainty, we are seeing strong growth in top-ranking professional skills including Neural Networks (61% increase), Communication Skills (131%), and Growth Mindset (206%). Meanwhile, increase in course enrollments in “passion projects” like Pilates (402% increase), Technical Drawing (920%), and Ukulele (292%), demonstrate that people are using Udemy to also stay active and learn skills they perhaps always wanted to but did not have enough time before.

This trend continues across every region with our research showing 130% growth in course enrollments in the U.S., 200% in India, 320% in Italy, and 280% in Spain.

How Businesses and Employees are Adapting

As COVID-19 has forced companies to shift to remote work, overall consumption across Udemy for Business has soared by 80% since late February. This unprecedented growth may be due to in-person events and training moving online or an increased need to upskill employees as a result of working remote, layoffs, and reorganizations. Unsurprisingly, Telecommuting (21,598% increase) surged the most in popularity, while the dramatic rise in Resilience (236%), and Stress Management (235%) may provide insight into the struggles employees and managers are encountering as they adjust to working and spending the majority of their time at home. Perhaps highlighting the ever-blurring separation between work and life, we’re also seeing higher enrollments in courses related to Fitness (816%).

“The ability to drive engagement with our employees is more important than ever. SurveyMonkey places a high priority on employee communication, and Udemy is one tool that provides value to our employees and their growth journey. Udemy’s ‘Feedback is Fuel’ course, for example, helps our employees learn how to ask and give feedback — a skill we’ve been encouraging our employees to learn for the past year, and one that is especially important now while working remotely with each other. Since our company has moved to a virtual work environment, Udemy has responded with speed to offer curated resources on best practices for remote working, employee productivity, and more. Those timely courses blend well with the custom content that we create on the Udemy platform.” – Monica Choi, Senior Program Manager for Talent Development at SurveyMonkey

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