Augmented Reality Hits Wrinkle Art and tool for Customers

LIVEb4buy Releases Augmented Reality In iOS ARkit.

  • Increase conversion by letting customers interactively view home products like as Furniture, Art gallery, Florist, Rugs in 3D in the real world in front of them and them home or their like environments
  • And letting them compare multiple products side-by-side in their room to make a purchase decision.
  • Make your store LIVEb4buy ARplus enabled to let shoppers access digital information and with in-store merchandise through your own Private mobile app and our LIVEb4buy Market Place
  • Provide additional content such as product info and product variants that help in making the in-store purchase decision

Now you can decorate your home like a professional with augmented reality app. Whether you have a new home or just want to accent a room, our AR app will allow you to decorate your home before you buy. The AR app helps you to determine whether a piece of product will fit in a space, or will go perfectly with your existing room décor. It allows you to see how product actually looks in your house before you decide to buy, which makes you look like a real pro!