Augmented Reality Hits Wrinkle Art and tool for Customers

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LIVEb4buy Releases Augmented Reality In iOS ARkit.

Increase conversion by letting customers interactively view home products like as Furniture, Art gallery, Florist, Rugs in 3D in the real world in front of them and them home or their like environments
And letting them compare multiple products side-by-side in their room to make a purchase decision.
Make your store LIVEb4buy ARplus enabled to let shoppers access digital information and with in-store merchandise through your Private mobile app and our LIVEb4buy Market Place
Provide additional content such as product info and product variants that help in making the in-store purchase decision.

Now you can decorate your home like a professional with augmented reality app. Whether you have a new home or just want to accent a room, our AR app will allow you to decorate your home before you buy it. The AR app helps you to determine whether a piece of product will fit in a space, or will go perfectly with your existing room décor. It allows you to see how the product looks in your house before you decide to buy, which makes you look like a real pro!

About Us

LIVEb4buy (Pronounced as “LYV bi-FOR BY”) offers In-Store Shopping Experience Online. We aim to mimic In-Store shopping experience by bringing the Shop – 360° virtually to your computing devices like Laptop, Tablet & on Mobile Site. Your InStore shopping experience will be enhanced when you visit the store using Virtual Reality Gadgets like Google Cardboard, Samsung VR Gear. Also, you will be able to add the products available in the shop to the Shopping Cart by your voice command. All those products added to the shopping cart will be available in the Augmented Reality Viewer to Validate the products in your physical environment before you make a purchase decision.

To enable people to have the full in-store interactive shopping experience online by making it more exciting (naturally / visually appealing), effective (simulating the objects in another environment) and engaging (with interactive conversations)

Evolve into a large, successful product organization to bring the virtual solution to every online and brick and mortar store in the world.

Why LivebBuy

Nice Window Shopping
Validate / Design at your home even before you buy
Share with your influencers to get their opinion/values
LIVEb4buy Offers a unique solution for online retailers to present their products to online shoppers. Unlike another store specific, AR Application LIVEb4buy is a one-stop place, where multiple stores can sell their products online. Using our dazzling AR feature (retailers can sell their products) users can validate their desired products before having to make their purchase. The best part of the Ar feature is that you can measure the product of your choice with the help of the “Measuring Tape” feature. The main focus of the application is not only to present the products in the best way but also to minimize the time and effort put by the user in making an online purchase.

“What are the latest improvements” – well the previous version offered only 2D image rendering whereas with the current version, rendering of 3D image models is a piece of cake. that’s not all with the current version multiple 2D or 3D products can be validated simultaneously (a great feature if we don’t say so ourselves). Not only that users can also filter their product search based on the type of product (2D/3D). Further improvements to the texture and 3D model rendering will be released with the next consecutive updates.

Still not convinced with your selection, need your friend’s opinion – you can share a captured image of your selected product in your desired environment with your friends through any social media application. Currently, LIVEb4buy is offering service for Bigcommerce and Shopify shop owners. Other platforms will be included soon. Well, that’s all, for now, stay tuned for more updates and improvements.

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