Lawyers for the Creative Arts

Lawyers for the Creative Arts

Lawyers for the creative arts Chicago has been around for over 20 plus years. They are a pro-bono resource that helps creatives find help when they are limited to get the help they need on their own.

About the Lawyers for Creative Arts Chicago:

Welcome to Lawyers for the Creative Arts and our online resources.

Here you can learn about LCA and the services and educational programs we provide, and you can apply for them. We have provided numerous links and resources for you to pursue. If you are an attorney seeking to volunteer, all the information and forms are here. And we have made it easy for you to support the arts by donating to our cause.

Legal advice is a necessity for all businesses, and the arts are no exception. However, most artists cannot afford market-rate legal services. That’s where LCA comes in. LCA is the only pro bono legal service organization in Illinois that is an expert in all areas of the arts. Now in our 45th year, we have assisted thousands of artists and arts organizations of all kinds with their legal issues. Click on Legal Help for more detailed information and to apply for help.

The dedicated members of our Board of Directors and our several hundred volunteer attorneys are the soul of LCA. With their assistance, artists of all kinds are free to do what it is they do – bring color, texture, and wondrous sights and sounds to all of our lives.

We constantly hear from our clients praising our staff and volunteer attorneys. LCA has been called “An angel to the arts,” and we are proud of our role in taking care of the legal concerns of artists. Our goal, like yours, is to enable artists to concentrate on creating and delving deep into their hearts to produce the most provocative, most beautiful, most audacious art they can find within themselves.

We at Lawyers for the Creative Arts stand with the individuals and organizations expressing their communal revulsion over the tragedy in Minneapolis. We join them in seeking ways to replace the systemic racism that led to the death of George Floyd, and others in similar circumstances, with the rule of equal justice under law.

The arts and other non-profit groups have identified resources for those desiring to assist individuals on the frontlines of protest and to advocate for change. We’ve collected several of those resource listings below.

The arts have a unique role in expressing the deepest human feelings, including those arising from the crisis, protest, and societal trauma our country is now experiencing. The many murals and graffiti-style portraits of George Floyd that have emerged from the current protests are good examples*. LCA is proud to support all those in the arts in their too-often under-appreciated contributions to helping us get through difficult times and envision a better future.

This resource is a must for creatives across the United States.

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