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Meet Samuel J. Gillis of Gillis Contemporary in Camarillo
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Today we’d like to introduce you to Samuel J. Gillis.

Samuel was born with a crayon in his hand and has been making art ever since. His early exposure included cartooning which developed into an avid interest in developing a formal education in fine art. In his 20s Sam did a stint at Columbia College Chicago where he met noted fine art painter Edwin Meyers who offered him the opportunity to be classically trained in an environment with greater creative freedom at The Atelier Alternative. Always one to follow his path, Sam left the traditional setting of a university for the Atelier where he honed his style and craft throughout a twelve-year residency.

During this time, he also managed an astute gallery in Chicago and established himself as a serious artist in the Chicago art scene. Gillis developed into a prolific artist whose work has been featured in museums and exhibitions including the National Museum of Mexican Art, John G. Shedd Aquarium, and River East Art Center. As well, Sam’s paintings are part of international collections in Spain, Italy, New York, Guatemala, Russia, and San Francisco. He has also been featured in television, movies, and publications nationwide.

Sam is a passionate private collector and supporter of global initiatives to create more art and a better world. As such, he is a frequent donor to organizations including Y-Me Breast Cancer Awareness, Thresholds, Tree House Foundation, Chicago Food Pantry, East Lakeview Neighbors, Children’s Memorial Hospital, and the Make A Wish Foundation. Gillis founded Gallery Swarm in Chicago, Illinois, and made it a staple of the Chicago art community. When he moved to Los Angeles, he rebooted the gallery as Wrinkle Art with his wife Glendy X. Mattalia. He now lives and paints by the seaside in Ventura County...

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Meet Samuel Gillis and Glendy Mattalia of Wrinkle Art
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Today we’d like to introduce you to Samuel Gillis and Glendy Mattalia.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
There was me.

A professional writer/producer who’s worked with ABC, NBC, the Oprah Winfrey Show, PBS, Twentieth Century Fox, King world, and the Chicago Tribune. Glendy placed in the top 250 out of 7,000 writers in the first Project Greenlight and was a semi-finalist in the prestigious Spielberg/Paramount incubator Chesterfield
Writer’s Film Project.

Fun fact: Glendy lived in Paris, France for six months and was a cheerleader in high school.

There was him.

A classically trained painter who studied at The Atelier Alternative, The School of the Art Institute, and Indiana University. Sam’s a prolific artist whose work has been featured in museums and exhibitions around the world including the John G. Shedd Aquarium, National Museum of Mexican Art and the River East
Art Center.

Fun fact: Sam makes a mean lasagna and his hobbies include playing bass and trying cool stuff like Tuvan throat singing.

Together we made this.

Has it been a smooth road?
Cue the wavy lines that transport you to The Past where we wrote this for a Gofundme.

A Series of Unfortunate Art Events (totally caused by our idiocy)

Once upon a time (in 2010), in a city far far away (in the middle of the country) [Chicago], my wife and I ran the little art gallery that could (Gallery Swarm).

We produced a bunch of cool art events (woohoo) and became a staple in our art community (cue the perfect montage).

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