Ryan Karey Artist and Musician

Ryan Karey Artist and Musician

Ryan Karey has been lifting spirits on Facebook live on Saturday with children enjoying and singing along to his performance. Ryan is on key and sounds awesome his choice of songs is rocking. Share his music and share his passion.


Also, enjoy his fine art on Wrinkle Art Ryan Karey Art

Artist Statement

painter Ryan Antonio Karey was born in LaGrange, Illinois. He earned his B.A. in Graphic Design from Eastern Illinois University, where he studied under master watercolorist, Walter Sorge. Upon graduating, he went for a 2-week personal study in Florence, Italy. Ryan Karey is a self-defined oil painter, which he finds to be the truest conduit of his artistic soul. Ryan's work is a combination of beauty and raw emotion, texture, and smooth strokes of paint on canvas. His color usage is truly unique and innovative.

Since dedicating himself to his art, Ryan has had work displayed at various galleries and sites around the Chicagoland area. Including Thomas Moser Gallery, Gallery Swarm, Sacred Art, amongst other instate and out of state art festivals. Since then Ryan has expanded himself professionally to include an ever-growing client base in which he also does commission work. Ryan's artistic goals are to express himself creatively in as many different pathways and avenues whenever and wherever they present themselves.

In the News

Naughty Molly
It’s finally arrived! The long-awaited children’s book illustrated by Ryan and co-authored with his wife Jen! It is now available in hard-cover online and at Printer’s Row this weekend, June 10th and 11th!

It is a beautiful, sunny day and the window is accidentally left open. The Mommy and The Daddy have just left for work. Can Molly overcome the temptation to jump out the window to play with all her furry friends or will she get lost outside with no one to save her from the mean, old neighbor and the scary woods?

Wrinkle Art formerly Gallery Swarm has a long-standing relationship with Ryan Karey with his fine art and unique style of music. Yes, the music he has a band called Ryan Karey with SEED - is an eclectic Folk and Rock band based in Chicago. Our live sound is very powerful, heavy on rhythm and melody, and complemented by the likes of 2 djembe drums, bass, keys, harmonica, and a xylophone!

He has played for several events over the history of Gallery Swarm in a 6000 square foot space. Maison Rouge Gallerie and we always look to him when we host events in his neck of the woods in Chicago.

His art has a large presence on Wrinkle Art Online and we think his art is very original in how he uses his paint to get this beautiful balance of color and texture. We house a few of his works and want to help spread the word of Ryan Karey with his art, music, and his current children's book. He is currently in the process of creating his second book with his wife. He is very inspiring to our gallery a to other creatives and collectors.
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