The New Norm...

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The New Norm...
Samuel Gillis

Well as you may know my wife and I are in limbo since July 2019. We literally uprooted from California to Texas for my wife’s cancer treatment. She gets treatment at MD Anderson who is number 1. That is awesome she is in a top-notch facility for care. Since we been here I have created hundreds of works of art that most have been donated to cancer charities like Waggin Tails for Pets, Open Arms, and The Ballard House. We love to give so we extended it to the patients of cancer treatments to give them the gift of art.

We have a huge heart and do tons of donations. Then while things were going well the flipping virus strikes and strikes hard. Turns everyone upside down destroying the economy. Making the world virtual. I like what can I do to stay busy and keep every day fresh.

Hanging with the wife during her rough days is a must. Cook good food for health.
Then make something viable still in works.
I got over my hump and starting doing web classes for painting all-around art here is the link to a video class lemon

The next progression in creativity was something I usually stray away from with brainstorming of my wife Glendy, Helen, and the artist me Sam. I started this series my views and commentary on this whole virus situation. If things don’t improve this can be The New Norm… Portrayed in the art in this post. More paintings and classes to come

How Artists are Dealing with Coronavirus Cancellations

With the Coronavirus outbreak changing the way everyone in the world is working and living their daily lives, artists are learning to adapt to a “new normal” as art fairs, exhibitions, and workshops are indefinitely put on hold.

COVID-19 has already rapidly changed the way that everyone—including artists and creative freelancers—will conduct business this year.

In an effort to understand how art careers are changing due to the Coronavirus, we asked artists how the outbreak has affected their careers and how they are planning to alter the way they approach their art businesses.

What we found is that there were many commonalities in how artists were responding to the shifting professional landscape around them. While all the artists we spoke with experienced a level of loss from sales, delayed workshops, and canceled openings, they were already planning ways to innovate and move their careers online.

Here are just some of the ways that artists have begun to change the way they run their art business during this time, and how you can too.

Strengthen your online presence
In response to canceled art shows, exhibits, conferences, workshops, and coaching sessions, artists are taking a positive approach to overcome the challenges of the Coronavirus.

Visual artist Helen Klebesadel told us that she plans to focus more on online creativity coaching. “I will focus less on in-person teaching and creativity coaching for money, but will offer some online options,” she said in response to how she would be adjusting her art business in the face of the obstacles presented by COVID-19.

Klebesadel is already planning for a year with a more limited income, but more time for making artwork. After noticing that some of her students were feeling isolated and afraid, she set up a Facebook group called the "Cabin Fever Creative Community" to share the work that everyone was making during this time of sheltering-in-place.

“I will use this time to finally finish setting up an online watercolor workshop that I have been thinking about for five years,” she added.

Full-time artist Terrill Welch is also taking her workshops online. While she said her art business was already well-positioned to function online with a website, Artwork Archive online gallery, social media following, and newsletter subscribers, she did add one twist to her online offerings as news of workshop cancellations began to spread.

"I immediately offered 200 seats free in my introductory Independent Study Skill Building Masterclass in oil painting," she told Artwork Archive. This is to support artists and casual painters to get started painting in water-mixable or traditional oils while they are social distancing or self-isolating."

She said it's just a small way that she can support others as an artist during these unprecedented times.

Increasingly over the last ten years, artists have learned to depend on online tools to run their art business and market their artwork. Now, more than ever, it's time to harness and tap into the power of the internet to make connections and readapt your business to a changing landscape.

What can you do now to strengthen your digital presence?

Here are some concrete ways to strengthen your business through your online presence during this international “pause”.

Do a social media audit: Is your information the same across all platforms? Do the links to your social media accounts work? Are your bios strong and accurate?

Offer an online workshop: Tools like Zoom, Facebook Live and even Google Hangouts allow you to teach a workshop from anywhere—even your couch. Here is a full list of tools for you to run your art business, teach online classes, conduct video conferences, and more during the time of social distancing.

Check-in with your contacts: When did you send out your last newsletter? Is your client list up to date? Have you organized your contacts into groups based on your relationships with them?

Create new content: When was the last time you made a time-lapse video of you working on the artwork? Is there something you can teach or share about your process to engage your audience?

Your online presence is important now and will continue important when we come out of isolation as well. Being online allows you not only the ability to communicate with those around the world also sheltered-in-place, but also creates ways to connect with your audience or with other artists.

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