Updating a Gallery Website

We have learned over the years and many design failures and some successes that keeping a Gallery website with 1000's of works of fine art is challenging. We have learned that keeping the site fresh and up to date can be a bit overwhelming with our small crew. With limited budget and not enough hours in the day building up our presence can take it toll.

Adding products is another part of an online store and telling the story of each product of fine art is a good way to keep the site unique. We have learned how to becomes story tellers to works of art that have a story that needs to be told.

Pricing the art for each artist so we make a little profit and to move inventory is ever evolving and tasks us with what are realistic prices in a very weary economy.

We strive to offer art accessible to everyone so no collector at any level is left feeling they can't afford original fine art.

We leave you with the image Blu: we are offering embellished reproductions that make each print unique. This is another way to make art accessible to evenyone.



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Our Guarantee

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