Wrinkle Art Article on Adventuring Artist by Jaron Smith

Wrinkle Art Article on Adventuring Artist by Jaron Smith

Wrinkle Art Online Gallery

Wrinkle Art is an online gallery that showcases art and artists in a global forum. This in turn helps give the gift of art to our clients that invest in the art to bring into homes, offices this helps to start a dialogue between artists and clients through art. Many works are priced for under $100.00 and our gallery features Intuitive and Outsider contemporary art and artists globally. Our creatives get an opportunity to showcase their talent across the internet and opens a unique way to exhibit, exchange ideas, learn, and sell their works of fine art. 

The Owners of Wrinkle Art have been creatives in their respective fields for over twenty years and have been in the gallery business for over ten years. Samuel Gillis is one of the co-founders who is classically trained in the atelier alternative and has molded his unique prolific style and techniques. he has exhibited all over the United States and is in collections around the world. Our Other co-founder is Glendy X. Mattalia and is a producer, writer, press agent, promotional guru, and the detail-oriented partner and artist of Wrinkle Art.

We have hosted events in many various pop-up venues and as well Samuel Gillis has taught the creative process in pop up, classes, for up to one hundred or more budding artists. We are all about art and it shows on our website Wrinkle Art we continue to always evolve and grow. Finally, we hope you enjoy our site and find our art and artists unique and inspirational to others who enjoy and make art.

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Thanks to Wrinkle Art

It always feels good to have happy customers, even more, when they acknowledge our hard work with gifts of gratitude.

We feel humbled by such an amazing response from one of our customers, Wrinkle Art and we sincerely thank Mr. Samuel J. Gillis, the Founder of Wrinkle Art
for such a wonderful gesture, not only strengthening our relationship beyond expectation but also expressing their trust in us and motivating us to keep serving our customers better.

From this special act, we take immense pleasure as we have been notified of our motto which is customer service. We always value our customers and we assure the present and future ones that, our thirst for customer satisfaction is unquenchable.


“A Gifted Artist”
Carolyn R. on 11/6/19
Sam is a phenomenal artist! He utilizes various styles and mediums in his impressive collection. Sam's craft is truly an expression of his unique perspective and flows from his experiences: a vessel to share life's struggles, its beauty & wonder. While his work causes us to pause and view the world a little differently, we also get a glimpse into Sam's heart & soul.

Vicki O. on 11/9/19
Met Sam in Houston and amazed at his art. He can be anywhere and turn out beautiful artwork.
It is so much fun to see what he will do next. Whether if he is at the hospital with his wife, or Starbucks for the morning tea he is always painting. Besides being a talented artist he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Thank you Sam for making the world a more beautiful place.
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