About Us

Wrinkle Art is an online gallery where making art accessible to everyone is key to our purpose. Founder Samuel Gillis is classically trained for over twelve years in the Atelier Alternative and a BA at Indiana University major in fine art with a minor in history of art. Spending at least a year on a painting or feverishly paints several works of art daily is not uncommon.

Samuel paints over twenty thousand works of art that are in collections around the world. He has donated dozens of original works of art to various charities helping those with mental illness. Nurturing those with a disability, putting a brush in their hand, and letting them create is very satisfying to Samuel Gillis and giving artists that usually do not have a voice a forum to showcase their art on Wrinkle Art.

He has an extensive gallery CV and has been in the gallery business for over twelve years. As a professional artist, he nurture and mentoring many artists from all walks of life. Samuel helps them express their creative voice in many different styles, mediums, and techniques.

Teaching individual students or take on dozens of budding artists putting a smile and has a very professional ethical philosophy giving 110% to how he trains artists. He feels that classical training is training that has a purpose. At the same time, that training can be broken and find a voice. Sam's philosophy is to make art accessible to everyone, pick up a brush he feels everyone has an artist in them wanting to come out.

Shop our contemporary fine art and artists. We specialize in Outsider art and Intuitive works in various mediums. We have work of art that fits the budget and accent your wall to help complete your home decor needs. Great for the beginning collector as well as the expert design specialist. We offer various ranges of sizes, mediums, and techniques that will set the stage for your home, office, or corporate collections.