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Wrinkle Art online affiliates is a list of resources that can help you become aware of different contemporary fine art collections of art and artists from various catalogs and art gallery websites. We also share online marketing, artists and galleries that best represent artists globally.

Acumen Technologies Group Inc (http://acumentec.com/acumentec_usa/index.html) develops LIVEb4buy, a SaaS Product.  LIVEb4buy(https://liveb4buy.com/art-gallery-store) is Creating Home Decoration ARtist platform to connect Artists with Shoppers and provide unique LIVE view experience.

LIVEb4buy (Pronounced as “LYV bi-FOR BY”) offers In-Store Shopping Experience Online. Our aim is to mimic instore shopping experience by Looking at the Shop – 360° virtually to your computing devices like Laptop , Tablet & on Mobile Site. Your InStore Interactive shopping experience will be enhanced when you visit the store using Virtual Reality Gadgets like Google Cardboard, Samsung VR Gear. Also, you will be able to add the products available in the shop to the Shopping Cart by your voice command. All those products added to the shopping cart will be available in Augmented Reality Viewer to Validate the products in your physical environment before you make a purchase decision. Shoppers can also Engage with Shop owner to get necessary product details.

The Art of RecoveryThe Art of Recovery does not offer any solutions, or new ideas. It only attempts to provide a glimpse at some of the issues that those in early recovery, and recovery in general, may be concerned with. They are the same issues everyone deals with. For some, the term recovery is synonymous with addiction. For others, including myself, recovery has to do with the restoration of living usefully.

FineArtAmerica  Hundreds of thousands of independent artists and iconic brands... millions of unique products... 14 global production facilities in 5 different countries running 24 hours per day...

Travels with Eleanor A girl and her Boston Terrier traveling across America, inspired by one John Steinbeck and his dog, Charley

Saatchi Art featuring Samuel Gillis Saatchi Art is the best place to buy artwork online. Find the perfect original paintings, fine art photographs and more from the largest selection of original art in ...

Amazon Wrinkle Art | Samuel Gillis  Original fine art painting on stretched canvas. Size: 16"x20" Mix media on canvas not framed. Signed by artist Samuel Gillis...

ArtNet  artnet is the leading online resource for the international art market, and the destination to buy, sell, and research art online...

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http://armdj.com/gillisfineart/  ARMDJ.com is an Online Forum, first launched in 2010, dedicated to Nightlife. The ARMDJ Nightlife Forum is available both through website and through pages at Facebook (Facebook.com/armdj) and Twitter @armdj...

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Art Bites   A collection of articles, art and artists we admire and appreciate.

Gillis Contemporary   My paintings are the way I create my world. I live something and then I paint about it. Or I paint something and then I live it. I’ve created thousands of pieces. And each one corresponds to a part of my self and my experience that I can only express through a painting.