Duck in Pond (Digital Downloadable Art)
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Duck in Pond (Digital Downloadable Art)

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Wrinkle art is on the front lines of raising funds through donation of fine art globally. 

Here is a list of organizations of art we have donated to:

• South Bend Animal Care and Control
• Michiana Bird Society
• Cancer Hospice
• Y-Me Breast Cancer
• Cystic Fibrosis
• Indiana Art Center
• Thresholds
• Bottomless Closet
• Tree House Foundation
• Harrington College of Design
• Rescue the Birds
• Convergence Education Foundation
• Chicago Food Pantry
• East Lake View Neighbors
• Children’s Memorial Hospital
• Make A Wish Foundation
• Swedish American Museum
• Kelly Cares
• Fresh AIR Gallery

a person with graffiti on the wall We have started the Cindy Gillis fund through GoFundMe click to donate here


About the Cindy Gillis Fund

The Cindy Gillis Fund/Wrinkle Art with your help we work through donations from you to help further projects for those with mental illness, give them a voice and a way to help them with recovery through art. We work alongside Fresh A.I.R. Gallery in  Columbus Ohio to get art supplies for those who are in need.  In turn, this helps artists to find ways to express themselves through art.  We welcome creatives to post their works on our site Wrinkle Art we specialize in Outsider and Intuitive works of art and host over 100 artists globally.  Any sales through Wrinkle Art a 3rd of the sales will help fund the projects listed above. 

We appreciate your help with this fund that all donations will receive an original signed work of art created by Samuel Gillis at Gillis Contemporary  So if you can donate  $25.00 and up and make sure you leave an address to forward you the work of art.

By supporting the Cindy Gillis Fund (my mother) who herself was severely mentally ill, homeless at times and a lost soul for all my life passed in a halfway assisted living facility with little hope for a normal life, her eyes glazed over like most in facilities like this. An artist herself in her own right keeps her creative voice going by helping others through the programs we support like the Fresh A.I.R. Gallery and its purpose. help others find their creative voice through art and help them heal.


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