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Wrinkle Art Online

Pad Skin by Ryan Karey

Pad Skin by Ryan Karey

Wrinkle Art Online

Pad Skin by Ryan Karey

Regular price $25.00
About the skin company - iStickr is young, fashionable, passionate and creative. We deliver endless incentive ideas and products to every aspect of your life. Established in 2012, iStickr has proudly served thousands of customers from almost all countries in the world.
Product info
- Each decal is made of high quality, self-adhesive vinyl, precision-cut, full detail.

- Air tunnel beneath the decal ensures no bubbles during installation
-Coated with water-proof matte protective film
- Brilliant full-color, ultra high resolution design
- Easy application in minutes
- Only 0.03 mm thickness
- Leaves no residue when removed.
Make custom skins for your iPad from artists on Wrinkle Art Online:

      • Apple iPad (New, 5th Gen) $25.00
      • Apple iPad Air 2 (with Touch ID) $25.00
      • Apple iPad Mini 4 $25.00
      • Apple iPad Mini 3 (with Touch ID) $25.00
      • Apple iPad Air (all sizes + carriers) $25.00
      • Apple iPad Mini (non-retina display) $25.00
      • Apple iPad 3 + 4 (3rd + 4th Gen) $25.00
      • Apple iPad 2 (2nd Generation) $25.00
      • Original Apple iPad (1st Generation) $25.00
      • iPad 5 (2017l) $25.00
      • iPad 5 (2017) 4G $.25.00
      • iPad 6 (2018) $25.00
      • iPad 6 (2018) 4G $25.00
      • iPad Air 1 (2013) $25.00
      • iPad Air 1 (2013) 4G $25.00
      • iPad Air 2 (2014) $25.00
      • iPad Air 2 (2014) 4G $25.00
      • iPad Air 3 (2019) $25.00
      • iPad Air 3 (2019) $25.00
      • iPad Mini $25.00
      • iPad Mini 4 (2015) $25.00
      • iPad Mini 4 (2015) 4G $25.00
      • iPad Mini 5 (2019) $25.00
      • iPad Mini 5 (2019) 4G $25.00


        “What i think of wrinkle art” on 11/22/19

        Such beautiful art pieces. I enjoy looking at this page. Great people with professional attitudes running the page.

        Danika J.

        “Beautiful artwork” on 11/13/19

        Sam is a wonderful artist. He did a beautiful piece of artwork for my business. He is a very talented painter. We can not wait to hang our painting.

        Denise E.

        “Sam” on 11/9/19

        Sam is a gifted artist and a good friend. I haven't seen any of his work that I haven't liked. It amazes me how he can do so many different ways to express his gift.

        Pat B.

        “Amazing”  on 11/9/19

        Met Sam in Houston and amazed at his art. He can be anywhere and turn out beautiful art work.
        It is so much fun to see what he will do next. Weather he's at the hospital with his wife or at Starbucks for his morning tea he is always painting. Besides being a talented artist he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Thank you Sam for making the world a more beautiful place.

        Vicki O.
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